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Blue Bathroom ideas

Blue Bathroom ideas is a color that should be used with caution, or employed in very specific ways. It can bring the passion of an ocean to home designs, and it’s also soothing as bath water itself. When a blue style trend strikes us in bathrooms of either contemporary or traditional design, we seek inspiration from sources such as these.

It’s easy to think that blue isn’t your color, especially in light of the range of wacky colors available. However, the broadness and audacity behind it can be staggering. Sometimes, it can feel like a lightish hue or nothing at all. And sometimes, it feels dark and powerful. It can add devotion or defense. The spectrum is flexible that makes it a perfect fit for almost anyone.


What Colors do You Pair with Blue?

Small Design blue bathroom ideas

Source: Claire.Pen.Jones

A full room of blue could be very bold. However, blue still works well with other colors. Simple white or white tiles can go really well. Cool master bedrooms are made using a varying range of grey, turquoise, etc. Gold is often the most popular color to complement bedroom blue schemes.

While bathroom remodels often make use of white tiles or lighter aesthetics, sometimes using blue can be just as successful. What should you consider to avoid less-than-satisfactory results? First of all, you need to think about the light in your bathroom. If there is not a lot of it, don’t necessarily go for full on electric blue colours they could make your bathroom very dark.

Bathroom lighting is an art and a science. The moody tones of dusk are calming, but artificial light must be added for activities that require light. If your bathroom is small, then you need to do it with artificial light because the tiles reflect the twilight soaking in from the bedroom.

In addition to all the aesthetic points, you should consider the size of the room. A dark blue bedroom doesn’t bode well for compact spaces. You must therefore balance your need for this shade with other colors that will expand the appearance of the room. The good news is that blue paint hue goes very well with many color schemes.

When you’re looking to instill some more blue into your bathroom, the options are seemingly endless. You can make it eminently clear from the walls and flooring, or through accent pieces such as bathroom chairs and deck stools.

If you choose to have a blue bathroom, there are many options for how to incorporate this. The walls could be a rosy hue of baby blue and even include mirrored features. Ceramic tiles could also be in this berry color or rich aqua or cobalt hues. No matter which you select, the floor should follow suit, with patterned tile mosaics that add a pop of brightness to your room overall.

Traditionally a bathroom is boring, white cabinets and floors, tor tubs. In this case, a differently colored floor or bathroom walls toward a deep blue. It can solve many design flaws and appear to be much more open.


Accessories Blue Bathroom ideas

Accessories Blue Bathroom ideas Small Room Modern

Source: Slavensrealestate

I recommend that you also use navy blue in other parts of the bathroom. You might want to start small, like a blue shower curtain, and then decide to continue with more accents until it reaches a saturation point.

I’ve seen people add an entire nautical-inspired look by using navy blue towels on the wall, and you could switch your regular shower head to navy as well to get interesting results. The catch with permanent solutions is that they’re impossible to change later, so do consider that before.

When decorating small or larger bathrooms, people should have a timeless, rich color in mind. A classic color that will remain popular and desirable for a long time. It is both very chic and full of character and at the same time luxurious and lavish a wonderful combination of traditional and modern style elements.

Take a look at the bathroom inspiration board at the top of this page. I curated it from around the web, and believe you will find it helpful in envisioning many sundry style options in a blue color for your own personal space re do project or remodel.


Light Blue Bathroom ideas

The blue logo conveys a sense of tranquility and regality. It is also calming and refined, just like the deepest waters.

If you’re content with quiet, elegant hues and classic styles, then let navy do all the work. Navy is a great color because it gives off strength and reservation at the same time. It complements any décor, so the bathroom would look nice in that hue too.

The color blue is perfect for a bathroom. Whether it’s woven into a striped wallpaper or shiny tiles, the color invokes the atmosphere of sailing. The bathroom becomes a rich and sensitive place that never gets messy.

So your (blue) bathroom is a little unadorned, small, dull. After all, everything white looks… boring. But then you want some texture. Blue? However, only an expert can add a nice blend of blue and white for contrast and texture when decorating in blue. You should pick blue due to its versatility: it can be dark like navy or light and sky-like like azure depending upon how much of it goes where.

This blue bathroom idea is way classy. You could honor the intimacy of a bathroom while presenting an elegant look for guests to admire. Plain and simple bathrooms can be transformed into something elegant with the use of navy tiles or creamy blue ones. What we need is peace in our lives, and this bathroom perfects it. It is a moment to cry for and enjoy after a hard day’s work.


Ceilings And Floors Blue Bathroom ideas

If you want to add that luxurious touch in your bathroom, any shade of blue will do. Such a broad variety of blues exists: powder blue bathrooms, serenity baths, lots of bright blue bathrooms, navy bathrooms and midnight blue ones as well. Blue is quite suitable for more modern rooms such as farmhouse or coastal ones. But definitely it will look equally good in less contemporary environments.

How do you add a nice vivid shade of frozen blue to the bathroom? One simple and straightforward way is to paint everything in strong-blue hues. That includes your ceiling and walls or creating a stellar contrast by cladding the walls with shining tiles of this hue or going for a solid classic look with warm beadboard stained in cool blue.

A blue-tile floor is the most popular idea, but it can be also extended to walls or a bomb. Another awesome idea is to clad one wall in blue tiles, make the sink space or tub backsplash blue, or just accent the shower with blue tiles.

When you want a bold bathroom, try a bold blue painted room. That’s just the kind of eye-popping boundary your powder room or guest toilet needs. Bathroom wallpaper is really in vogue as part of interior design right now. And blues are often refreshed with warm, creamy, ecru colors, even sunny yellows. Don’t forget to try color blocking in here by pairing blue with electric magenta.


Cabinets Furniture Design

Disappointed with your antique wooden vanity at the moment? Rather than staining it again, paint the entire thing blue to make an urban statement and sell real estate.

Using a bold color evocative of the evening sky, Classic Blue by Benjamin Moore is a minimalistic choice that’s a gutsy way for realtors to stand out. Uniquely paired with white countertops on minimalist décor, expect high impact results when you choose this hue.

Do you love the chevron pattern in this bathroom? The cobalt shade looks so on trend. It’s great on a statement wall with marble and mother-of-pearl tiles.

If you pair that bold color with clean, minimalist silver fixtures and vessel sinks, then you have an eye-catching style that’s the perfect balance of energy and elegance.


Feature Wall Art Backgrounds

You don’t always have to cover the entire thing in a certain color. You can decorate your bathroom using one accent wall, as a real focal point. Something like tiles, for example. They will stand out just like you want and help you create that feeling of serenity!

How do you feel about blue walls? Try a feature wall in the powder room, if it is small. A blue feature wall will make small rooms look large. Also consider using a loud accent wall in the bathroom behind the vanity.

Take these tiles to visually widen and brighten your bathroom. Try cool greys and whites in other parts of your bathroom to keep things light. A metallic or wood counter would be a nice touch; they add sheen and variety while adding sparkle without being too flashy or dark.


Blue Accents Design ideas

Take these tiles to visually widen and brighten your bathroom. Try cool greys and whites in other parts of your bathroom to keep things light. A metallic or wood counter would be a nice touch; they add sheen and variety while adding sparkle without being too flashy or dark.

I am a big fan of blue. Especially the shade here, which is different but still works with everything. Try to add some nice touches of it everywhere in the room. During the day it creates a fun space and at night, when you turn out the lights, it makes your home look super cozy.

How can you keep your kitchen from feeling too overwhelming? Layer different hues of colors together! Blue is a good example. If you like blues that are deep and moody, why not pair them with a bright blue?! From Yosemite Blue to Caribbean Azure, there are a lot of ways to use shades of blue.

Use this pebble tile with blue and gray hues to give your decor a built-in splash of color. By combining shades of blue and gray, the glass tiles allow you to really take advantage of the multi-colored nature of glass tile.


Blue & White Design

This blue & white marble design dovetails nicely with any decor. It’s the perfect choice for turning your space into a memorably relaxing respite.

What is the best color to paint this bathroom? People have strong feelings about color. But when you want soothing blue walls, why not include a pop of red accents for drama? Or gray can be great too with its own quiet drama.

Other choices for soothing and dramatic colors are glorious gold (chili pepper red), deep stormy steel blue. But no matter what color you choose it will always work if it’s primary and soft secondary colors like lavender or peacock blue.


Blue and White Bathroom ideas

Blue and White Bathroom Design Interior Decorating Modern

Image source: Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Here’s a tip for remodeling your bathroom. When you are looking for the best bathroom paint ideas, consider white and blue. Many people prefer this classic look, but it is not limiting! You can switch up your accessories to fit any financial situation and spatial needs.

If you have a lot of money to spend, use it for remodeling the bathroom. Redo the floors with lovely blue tile. Rejuvenate the walls with creamy off-white paint and throw in a few accessories in cool blues.

You want your bathroom to have a relaxing but sterile feeling. The colors you choose make a big difference in optimizing that environment. Blue and white are pretty safe bets to achieve this aesthetic. If less gray is more appropriate for your taste, then consider blue faux slate walls and white accessories.

Add blue accent pieces to a mostly white or off-white bathroom. Use blue towels, accessories, and shower curtain. Don’t feel the need to stick with one specific shade of blue; mix it up! You can use different shades of a color for multiple things in the same space.


Navy Blue in The Bathroom Decor

Navy blue conjures up images of the vast, calm deep ocean. Bring in some sea-life images and add touches of silver and gold [to create an entirely different color scheme]. This creates a feeling of tranquility. You feel as though you’re snorkeling or scuba diving.

Navy blues are suitable for modern bathrooms. They work well with clean, straight lines and chrome features. The color is also urban sometimes, which can work if that’s your desire! This bathroom style utilizes minimalism in the most presentable way possible.

If your bathroom isn’t well-lit, you can paint your walls blue in order to create a peaceful atmosphere. Use tile or wallpaper with warmer and brighter colors on the floor and as accessories for interesting details.

Utilizing blues in your home creates a playful but clean and freshambiance. Usually seen reserved for exotic trips, blue is refreshing. You could achieve the same effect by using a blue bath mat, bringing a burst of positive enthusiasm to your room. Don’t believe me? Try it out!

Blue is a versatile color for any bathroom. It can be soothing, exciting, or comforting, depending on the shade and application. It creates an excellent space to relax or get ready each day. Like we did with this bathroom , try using one of our many ideas to bring the color blue to life in your own bathroom.

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