Gothic Living Room ideas

Gothic Living Room ideas can be incredibly sophisticated and gaudy, not easy, is it? But think about it again. A Gothic interior room could be lively, bright and experimental if you consider the details carefully.

In fact, a contemporary interior design style combines the neo Gothic decoration with an overall minimalistic approach to create an exciting atmosphere in your home or room.

Black and white is not the only way to approach a gothic living room. Red with dark chocolate or red with deep purple are equally gorgeous options. Bright, modern gothic can show off orange walls, plaid details, light upholstery, or it can embrace minimalism, stark in its boldness.

A living room, black on the walls and floor, can be decorated with jewel-toned furniture and accessories. A gray and black living room can make a very moody setting.

If you’re a Goth, you probably love steampunk too! – But seriously, Gothic style and steampunk are colors that go well together. You can even mix the two with Victorian style for endless color combos. Another great pair is Gothic with modern-contemporary style decor to give off an air of sophistication or classic elegance.

I’m hoping that you’ll be inspired by the following Gothic living room images. As you can see, there are many options available and each of them has their own unique twist and feel. To create your own perfect Gothic living room, incorporate aspects from other rooms while making adjustments and adding personal touches to fit your style.


Decor Gothic Living Room ideas

Want to decorate your place with elements of gothic style? First, purchase furniture in dark colors. Covering the walls with images from bygone days, arranging green plants around and installing a fireplace is also a nice idea.

The atmosphere of the room is characterised by chic elegance and not at all by geometric shapes or cold colors. Potted greenery brightens up any interior, that’s why it should be present in the room like an active decoration part. Along with the furniture and decor elements, gallery wall with artworks and photos emphasises this impression perfectly. The key element is a modern mirror in a refined frame.

The fireplace isn’t working? No worries! A non-working fireplace is a great opportunity to add some decor to the mantel and inside it. Are you afraid of not being able to find exquisite chandeliers or lamps? Don’t worry. Here are some ideas below!

Gothic Style Living Room

Gothic Style Living Room ideas Black Sofa

When a royal ambiance is desired in the living room, an easy way to achieve this is through Gothic style lantern lighting. Two contrasting silhouettes, dark brown with white marble, for example can also help enhance the level of sophistication.


Victorian Gothic Interior Design ideas

Victorian Gothic Interior Design ideas Layout

The design of Victorian gothic living room fits your royal taste in home decorating. Long corridors with small rooms on both sides, a red carpet spread evenly over the floor, the walls made of wood and having an arched top – a golden-brown finish makes them really wonderful. These will give you a beautiful house.


Gothic Wall Shelf Furniture

Gothic Wall Shelf Furniture Design ideas

Finely crafted wooden decking in light wood tones will pair wonderfully with deep gray walls. Placing the shelves near a corner wall with extra natural lighting, and adding some flower vases, will make it a delight to visit.

Gothic Living Room inspired

The gothic living room style is scary for some people. However, this style is very unique and has many beautiful features. If you don’t like it, try to show its originality in a different way. Now, the Gothic style really adds to your interior design.

I have previously inspired you all about the gothic living room bedroom and how to make it pretty, artistic and unique. Let us continue with your living room as well. You can make it a little bright if it works for you or even combine many different wall art pieces or other decorations that match your personality.

Today I want to share a variety of gothic living room ideas with you to help create a mysterious and elegant impression. Some are designed vintage, some modern, but all of them look great in dark colors.

Check out the amazing living room style within this theme! But next up, let’s explore some romantic and simple farmhouse master bedroom ideas for keeping it gentle for your sweet daydreams when relaxing on your bed.


Architectural Features Gothic Decors

Architectural Features Gothic Decors

Traits that characterize the gothic living room style include intricate and bulky architecture in which large vaults form within the design. The core concept of this style is, obviously, gothic elements. Those commonly found as part of a castle, such as pointed arches and ribbed vaults, are often used in the style of architecture to be true to its nature.

What kind of aging treatment should you use on your castle set? In many productions, actors can have a difficult time creating the look of real stonework. However, it’s not too hard to add a stone texture like that seen in the medieval and Renaissance periods. Especially if you’re aiming for unspecific oldness, using formless gray stones alongside dark-bordering beige and black surfaces achieves the task.

Another option is to hang a wall decoration on the wall. Here you should choose something dramatic, like an intricate pattern or velvet texture. However, tapestries or fabrics can be used if people are allowed to attach them in high places.

An important feature of the gothic living room architecture is the ‘pointy’ look that’s obtained from various ornate elements. This design choice was something of a novelty at the time when the Gothic style has been devised.


Idea Colouring Room Themed Black Plan

Color Room Themed Black

Before we move off to some creative uses, it’s essential for you to understand the critical role of elegance in the gothic style. If you wish to decorate your home with gothic living room elements, then it is important that you know how they are going to affect the decor.

One feature of this decorating style is that it’s not easy to work with because it does include bold pieces and fabrics with details. For example, the furniture will need complex styling and attention to many intricate details.

Gothic living room style decor provides the ultimate in elegance for those looking to transform their homes. This high-end design option isn’t for everybody, though; often, budget concerns prevent more people from investing in this type of look and feel.

Still, there’s no need to rush and buy everything. Whether you decide to go overboard or just dabble in the trend, both will work. A small chandelier with a few decorative changes should suffice for trial purposes.


Large Curtain Bedroom Gothic ideas

Large Curtain Bedroom Gothic ideas

The types of fabrics for curtains aren’t complicated. The difficult part is pinpointing which design will work best with the gothic living room. It is advised that we choose long and heavy drape panels, as they give a more majestic feel.

In the Victorian era it was imperative to have such long curtains so that bulletins weren’t penetrating everywhere in their household. The bulletins were used to keep people indoors, and if you didn’t have them, then you could be bitten by dirty.

Long draperies will give you that extra touch of elegance in your room. Having them separate a room is not as much an issue nowadays, but before it was a big problem because the material blocked sunlight and made the room darker.

Creative and fancy draperies are crucial for the dining room. When it comes to details, looking extravagant is what matters. Choose a beautiful curtain panel with big tassels, ideally paired with traditional accessories such as tiebacks.


Gothic Accessories

You are the star of your home and you want it to shine. Yeah, yeah, you could paint everything in your house glossy black or select only antiques. Don’t do that! Forget about what makes sense or is traditional, make it personal. Keep it wild with lavish layers of accessories numbering in the thousands. Source them from botique shops and vintage stores alike. On second thought, don’t steal any accessories from anyone – even if they’re found objects.

Objects that will look good displayed on shelves and tables are a number of things. For example, there are pottery bowls made by artisans. You can also find carved wooden sconces. Other items to check out include wrought-iron lamps, as well as ornately carved stone statues and huge heavy area rugs.

When searching for stone statues to decorate your home, remember that a garden store may have unique statues made of unpurchased materials. Gargoyles and stone cherubs are especially gothic living room and could be the focal point of your Victorian Gothic entryway.


Molding’s Add Detail Design ideas

Molding is everywhere in a Victorian Gothic home. Thick crown molding lines all of the ceiling edges, square panels decorate the walls, and chair rails run the length of hallways anywhere you turn.

The Victorian gothic living room ideas home has a room for reading. Essentially, trim is used throughout the entire home inside and out. What makes this great for homeowners? It’s accessible! The library doesn’t take too much work to add just a few details are all it takes.

Why DIY? Consider hiring a skilled contractor to add molding to your home in Victorian-style homes. Flip through images online of historic houses to get inspired, and be surprised by the many ways you can add molding into yours. The end result is brilliant.

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