Porch Ceiling ideas

Porch Ceiling ideas are for more than hanging lamps and fans. They’re a centerpiece of your home! Are you exhausted of looking at plain old white or cream ceilings? Use modern and elegant colors to help you create a cozy and very artistic space where you can socialize.

The way you decorate your porch ceiling actually defines your family’s disposition. If you are looking to make a grand impression, these creative options are great suggestions for any porch.

It used to be that porches were mainly for mail. But these days, they are avenues for the outside world to come inside your home. Porches don’t just accommodate people physically, they’re living spaces that let you go beyond walls when necessary.

Another trend in porch insulation is the improvement of quality outdoor furniture. Outdoor kitchens are also awesome, since families can gather here at night and just be together after a long day of working. The ceiling of your porch is also an eventual part of this type of renovation.

Have you ever considered porch ceiling ideas? You should. There are several kinds of designs for porches that will give it an elegant look.

Read on to learn about three different styles of porch ceiling that you can hire a professional for installation.


Beadboard Porch Ceiling ideas

Do you like the look of traditional cottage decor? Then porch surrounds can be a signifier of country living and old-fashioned charm. They will make your house look and feel entirely different from other houses in your neighborhood.

Instead of basic wood like plywood in your over-cabinet porch ceiling, ride the beadboard train. Beadboard is a tongue and groove style that is likely less expensive than standard board.

The beadboard ceiling also gives the porch an architectural appeal. Many paint their beadboard ceilings white, but you can play with other colors as well.

Here’s another fun outside idea. Brightly paint the trellis a soft, powdery blue and add white flowers to each post. The effect will enhance a sense that the porch ceiling soars to an open sky beyond the porch.


Moldings for Ceiling

moldings for ceiling ideas design mdoern

Your porch extends your living space and, like any other part of your home (kitchen, dining room, or bathroom), it deserves its own special design.

With beautiful moldings on the inside of your home, you may feel like an accent floral wreath will help draw attention to your entrance.

Adding baseboard molding around the porch ceiling can add sophistication to your space and create a finished look. It finishes those ceiling edges and edges of walls, too.

The molding looks like something an outdoor living room would have.


Lighting Porch Ceiling ideas

If you want your porch to be a true living space, then think of lighting for the space. It’s called a “porch”, but its function is much bigger than offering a welcome to guests after dark. It’s also the focal point of many evenings for homeowners and their neighbors, because it serves as a gathering place in good weather.

Beyond hosting the neighborhood watch patrol, porches are now being used for al fresco dining and serving as extra rooms for relaxing or even watching television.

If you have a porch, you need to buy the best string lights for outdoors. That’s because they are the rage in outdoor settings. However, for those lucky enough to have electricity in their back yards blinks and dangle from ceilings at night, decorative gazebos are the most awesome way out there to spruce up your surroundings.

If you don’t have electricity, take advantage of the lighting you do have!


Ceiling Fans Design

Ceiling Fans Design Colourful

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The one time of year you’ll want to make sure your outdoor living space is ready is the summer. The weather is warm, so you decide to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and relaxing environment.

Ceiling fan designs not only keep your room cooler, but they are also stunning design features.

Have you tried stepping outside? If it is nice out, only open your windows. Be sure to set your fans for pleasant comfort and a breezy ambiance that could turn into new memories.

Outdoors, with the high-speed airflow around the cicada, bugs aren’t attracted to cicadas. Ceiling fans come in as many styles as there are home decor options. For a beachy or contemporary look, try one outdoor ceiling fan on your porch.


New Design for Layout

If you are building a porch now, here is something to think about. When constructing the porch ceiling ideas of your future porch, get creative.

Sky high coffered ceilings and wooden trays were already mentioned.

If you are in the design phase, you may consider an open porch ceiling. Open Lighting Porch Ceiling designs soothe indoor eyes and the feeling of lightness comforts the senses.

The volume that composes the vaulted ceiling not only has practical use by lowering temperatures from sunlight but also it visually enlarges a space.

Planned porches from rooflines extend the home’s living space and improve tourism flow. Many houselmen choose to cover them with drop ceilings. Plan ahead. Doors, fans, and lights must be installed ahead of time to finish a porch off effectively.


Colored Porch Ceiling ideas

One house design style is a pastel-colored porch ceiling. A light purple, yellow, or deep blue ceiling above the front door helps give your home a playful tone.

When combined with white accents and paint colors like seafoam green, coral pink, watermelon red, pea green, and pale blue throughout the interior and exterior, this update can help you achieve the light, airy beach cottage look that you’ve always wanted.


Vinyl slab Porch Ceiling Modern Design

Vinyl slab porch ceiling ideas design modern

Plain PVC roofs may be the norm, but floor-to-ceiling shelves coated with vinyl have a cleaner look and provide a more modern aesthetic.

In addition, these materials can help to highlight a room’s water feature or lighting components in an elegant fashion.

After all, there is no point in having a beautiful home with cobalt blue cabinets and gray tile on your porch ceiling. Used the exact same paint as the other surfaces of the home to have a cohesive look.


Beadboard Terrace Plan Decor

Beadboard porch ceiling ideas

This kind of plastic is usually chosen to replace wood for porches. It couldn’t be more affordable, and it’s also tough enough to make a big difference in your choice for a porch ceiling ideas.

Ideal for a home with lots of classic features, this trellis has a more elegant Victorian style. It looks stunning in an enclosed porch like this one that would add to the formal atmosphere of an English cottage-style interior.


Wood Furniture Horizontal Porch Ceiling ideas

wood furniture horizontal porch ceiling

For a relaxing porch ceiling, consider an open-air ceiling. A curved or domed ceiling made of wood or vinyl is cool and comfortable in warm weather.

Surrounded by water features and tropical plants, this area makes for a soothing room. For even more design ideas, check out page 172 of DIY Easy Projects Indoors and Out (Brown Dog Publishing).


Finish Your Porch Ceiling ideas

Roofs protect against rains, snows, and hails. Not all roofs are the same. Many prevent moisture from getting in while some let some pass through, and others don’t let anything get through. Regardless of what kind of roof you have on your porch ceiling (slanted angle or straight across), it is still a part of the exterior of your home.

For this reason, porch ceilings should be made of a long-lasting material such as wood or vinyl. Otherwise, over time, your ceiling could begin to peel away from the house, chip off in pieces, sag inward , crack due to the elements. You get the idea.

The simple addition of a deck over your porch is already an appealing option for more space outside the home. However, this becomes much more attractive as soon as you install vinyl siding on the cabinetry holding your wicker furniture.

When you are putting up dry wall or another type of paneling securely across the lengths of your exposed ceiling beams, you may want to consider doing something more than just having it be covered with plywood.


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