How To Design Outdoor prefabricated exterior steps ideas

Prefabricated Exterior Steps ideas

Prefabricated exterior steps ideas – One of the most prominent features of many homes and public buildings is a staircase, but they often get relegated to purely utilitarian status.

Use decorative stairways to make an entrance grand. A welcome center is the perfect place for a dramatic concrete design.

Stamped or stained concrete walkways and landings made of the same material as your front steps draw attention to them, but you should not stop there.

Consider adding matching decorations such as mosaics or lettering on both types of tiles. Designers can interlock identical shapes or integrate complementary patterns for standing out in a crowd.

Depending on where they are used, Prefabricated exterior steps can be designed and installed to match curbs or walkways. This minimizes the need for joint filler and lets you control their final textural appearance.

If your steps will go into an artificial surface like concrete, it is possible to order these units off-site. They can then be custom colored and finished with texture so that the transition is seamless.

Concrete Stair Design ideas

simple develop prefabricated exterior steps gardening

Style is a key element of building a new sidewalk. First, you need to choose a functional design from an experienced contractor. After that, focusing on style is easier.

Still running out of ideas for your concrete Prefabricated exterior steps? We do not. Here are some quick suggestions for those who cannot seem to find the right designs. Browse our photo gallery and ask contractors about their portfolio of work from previous jobs.

The same methods used for coloring stairways are equally useful for concrete sidewalks. The most popular include adding an integral color, staining, and applying a colored hardener before it dries out.

Contractors sometimes pair these techniques to make one unique color. They do this by adding thickness over and between the stones. And through these processes they often mix hydrated cement with coloring agents that makes the concrete a certain color.

Molding colorful concrete is not for everyone, but if you want an interesting new look, it’s easy to choose: just pick up your phone and call a professional like us at the company you always use.

Layout Stamped Concrete Pattern Design

Stamp patterns are in all shapes and sizes, from triangles to scales. They are used for so many different looks, brick stamps make your text brick, patterned stamps make your background patterned, etc.

Because of the new way stamping mats are created, they now look like real products. Extend your stamp from your hallway onto the stairs and down to the landing for eye-popping results !

How can contractors handle both flat surfaces and steps with felt matting? If using texture skins or thin flex mats, install them in a pattern matching the texture skins used for stamping concrete flatwork to assure flow-through cooling.

These mats are made for stair treads! They easily mold to 90-degree angles so you can add texture on granite, slate and other natural stone surfaces.

If you want wider steps imprinted with texture all at once, use small texturing rollers like these from Butterfield Color to create realistic patterns on the entire surface.


Plan Expose the Aggregate

Exposed aggregate can be beautiful. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. You can achieve pretty effects at a reasonable price simply by choosing the right decorative aggregates. There’s a virtually unlimited number of possibilities for color and texture variations.

Other decorative treatments include staining, stamping, and integral coloring of concrete. The finished product leaves the surface especially nonskid for stairs.

Exposed aggregate highlights the contrast between a thin layer of integrally colored concrete and a thicker base of plain concrete.


How To Design Outdoor Step Prefabricated Exterior Steps ideas

When you build your concrete stairway, do not sacrifice the functionality of the dimensions. For instance, make sure that your riser height is adequate for comfort! Likewise, tread depth must be proportional to riser height and other interior stairs design elements.

In some cases, stairs are required to be a specific height The average person’s stride will comfortably fit this set of standard dimensions. In most cases, local building codes detail the minimum and maximum heights for risers and treads.

The riser height of prefabricated exterior steps should be at least 4 inches and the tread (also known as the run) depth should be at least 11 inches.

For stairs, a popular rule for concrete renovations is to make risers at minimum 7 inches in height and solid treads at least 14 inches deep, with females having twice this amount. This way, even if you don’t cast your metal stair parts yourself, they will still meet the needs and safety standards of most everyone.


Concrete Exterior Staircase Design

DIY Plan prefabricated exterior steps tutorial design

This home’s exterior concrete staircases,  emphasize the homes beautiful look. The wall separating the stairs was made to keep guests awake while they go down the perfectly designed prefabricated exterior steps.

The lights were chosen in order to make the night complete with this new masterpiece design. I am amazed by how simple those walls that kept going up proved to be very helpful during emergency situations.

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your home. One example involves the use of concrete exterior steps. These simple enhancements create a perfect touch to your house and provide extra usability around the entrance or around the rooftop.

Here are four simple steps to help you find a custom concrete stair that adds luxury and beauty to your existing interior, or you can see other designs on the way to this post, such as these awesome concrete staircase designs.




prefabricated exterior steps ideas plan


Building “prefabricated exterior steps” is one thing, leaving industry impressions is another. We do both. If you are looking for experts, lead the way to our door because we’ve got the goods to back it up.

We manufacture our concrete stairs using only the highest-quality materials. We manufacture its own molds and handrails to ensure our products are uniform and meet the highest standards.



Our made-to-order steps can make any home or business building safer and stand out in a crowd. Using hollow units, they’re lighter without compromising durability. Their strength stays for years, even decades, so homeowners can rest assured no one will get hurt on the exterior steps.

Waterproofing is a challenge when building new stairs. Our solution: treads, risers, and landings constructed as one solid piece to keep water from backing up and damaging the structure of our stairways.

This precast concrete stairs makes for a strong staircase. Each set of concrete prefabricated exterior steps is cushioned by a block of poured concrete (or another moldable foundation material) at each step’s end.

Set very rarely, precast concrete steps are easily manipulated and reset because of their lightweight. The exposed edge on our concrete steps is protected by a 1 1/2″ overhang.


Adaptability and Flexibility Design

Over the last few decades, we have helped thousands of customers set the standard for step building in North America. Standardization is an excellent way to develop concrete prefabricated exterior steps. It provides happy homeowners with a vast range of reliable options and strong, sustainable structures.

Contractors, builders and homeowners throughout New England still make Shea their source: an excellent provider of ideas for building precast concrete steps and products.


On a Budget: Prefabricated Exterior Steps ideas

~ Cost

Installing custom prefabricated exterior steps is not as cost effective as prefab concrete for many of the same reasons customers and homeowners tend to prefer prefabricated walls and ceilings. And due to these reasons, you should consider purchasing prefab concrete from The Concrete Step Company.

Aesthetically, you can improve your space on a budget by investing in prebuilt stairs that come in a range of colors and designs.

While the prefab steps come in certain sizes that are pre-selected for convenience, you can vary the height of the risers so that one set will work well with many different heights.


Easy Installation Prefabricated Exterior Steps ideas

Prefab steps are good because they’re easier to install that you first thought. They are supplied in ready-made modules, so you won’t need to carry concrete up a ladder and pour or shape it into place. You won’t run out of materials half-way through your fitting!

This has all been done for you. Also, your steps have already been stained so you don’t need to concentrate hard on getting levels right.

The sets allow you to bulk install the steps instead of having to build them or add concrete. There is no need for foundations as the steps are lighter, not as heavy and don’t require building contractors to supervise installation.

This means that you don’t have to dig a hole to secure them in place or extend your driveway if there is a radius that blocks the area from which they can be installed prefabricated exterior steps.


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