Purple Living Room ideas

Purple Living Room ideas – Some people think that purple is an associated color with death or mourning. But for others, it has become a regal color because of its brightness.

Purple is not just a color, but a feeling. It is paradoxically both warm and cool, depending on how it’s being presented: A purple sky has the intimate qualities of twilight, while saying “purple ties” calls to mind someone presentable and professional.

In important shades like lavender (the color of something clean that smells good), or eggplant (food you draw inspiration from) the color purple provokes rich associations beyond its basic perceptual properties.

They’re among us. Purple people! Because purple is, at once, an attention-getting and a powerfully demure shade, designers are taking notice. This week, you’ll check out 15 living rooms that showcase the new wave of purple love.

You won’t find bright bruises or definite lavenders here. Instead, we have shades of muted plum that can transcend gender and class.

Ideal for a living room in a new house, this color is neither overly fancy nor wildly traditional. So long as you team it with the appropriate neutrals and your favorite accents, there is no room too bold for this pale purple!

purple living room ideas are a regal color. They hold the balance between blue and red colors of the spectrum and can really liven up your room or an entire house.

Use them to decorate and make your living area like a king’s castle. If you have wanted to make changes to your living room/mansion by adding purples, here are some tips on how to do it.

Purple on the Walls Room

simple design for purple living room ideas

Do you want a lot or just a little purple in your room? If you already know the amount of purple you want, then choosing that dominant shade’s undertones can help you decide on your level of desired brightness.

If you want a purple room, be ready for the deep discounts. The darker the shade, the more it will shrink your visual square footage and raise people’s expectations for the price of your house.

A dark room makes you feel as if it is smaller, but can also give the room a cozy feel. Lighter shades of purple make a room seem larger and have make the room have an open, airy, spa-like ambiance, like visiting a garden.


Purple Living Room Set

Fun dan Colourful Purple living room

Image via www.mommyessence.com

It feels like you’ve got a purple room on your hands. Put purple accents in the rest of the house, and your house will look beautiful. Add a purple area rug, a matching chair, a royal portrait of Rihanna, and other accent pieces you love that have purple tones.

Accents let you inject color into a room in a subtle (or in-your-face!) manner. To do this, you can make the accent purple and then choose whether to use light or dark shadings of purple, or add more or less purple throughout the rest of your scheme.

For example, some people might choose to throw in just one accent color—like this purple dog bed —while others go for larger pieces like a mixed media dark purple terrarium.


Color Coordinate Design Modern

Purple living rooms with curtain and sofas comfortable

Image via www.pinterest.com

Purple can stand out and look extra fun if you pair it with colors that are different from purple. There’s a great combo of purple and white for modern spaces, as well as deep colors or purple paired with black. It looks particularly fresh when combined with yellow for creative decorative aesthetics.

Whatever purple-themed room you build or create, say, in your dorm or room at home, a color scheme is an important addition. The key to building up the vibe of this cool theme into something worth showing off is to do so with quality coordination between shades that match with the color palette.

Purple is making a big splash in the interior design industry. Do you want these lovely purple designs? 20 beautiful ideas (you view now)purple colors and decorative choices that can give your living room a fresh look.



Lighting purple

Feel free to get your fill of purple living room decor. Purple accents greatly impact a space’s lighting, especially in living rooms. LED lights produce stunning hues, which makes the room feel contemporary.

Forgo overuse of purple furnishings, because they can sometimes remind people of a bygone era. Instead, choose tones that are warmer but still manage to be presentable.


Sofa Chair Furniture Purple Living Room ideas

Sofa Chair Furniture Purple Living Room

It is not difficult to use purple living room as an accent in a room: It can be used in a couch or armchair. This color looks particularly great when paired with white and other clean, crisp colors. Coordinate this hue with cushions and seat covers to unify your seating.

Footstalls and ottomans bring a unique finish to area rugs, as well as upholstery. Coordinating this purple design with an ottoman or a footstool will result in the appear from your sofa family room ensemble.

Purple is a magnificent choice for soft furnishings since it balances out materials that are hard and bold, and also there are so many styles of textiles that will rest easily against each other.


Boho Style

boho style

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

You want the bohemian colouring of your room to be enlivened, not overtaken by furniture. Here’s a tip: Choose modern furniture in gold or brass so it contrasts sharply with the other design elements. This way, you maintain the energy of the room without it taking over completely.

The key to decorating a home in boho chic If you are thinking of decorating your home in boho style, layer colours such as dark browns with medleys of black and grey.

Include lots of white and pale greys so they do not overwhelm the look. Washes of watercolours are great for achieving this look. And miss out on an oversized chandelier? We think not.


Accessories and Soft Carpet Design

Accessories and Soft Carpet Design purple living room set

Image credit: Brent Darby/Country Homes & Interiors

The use of purple living room is best done using accessories and soft furnishings. Bold colors in living rooms aren’t always easy to pull off, but a subtle approach may be necessary when you’re trying to stick to a neutral scheme. The purple carpet adds the perfect amount of character and colour to this trendy room.

Complementary elements are the linchpin of a successful design scheme. In this striking example, the pinks of cushion and lampshade add unexpected texture to an otherwise classic room. And if you tire of the current look, you can change it with ease.


Color Scheme Palette Purple Living Room ideas

For the four walls of our space, we choose Purple, a color according to the Munsell Color Chart. It’s intense with elements of both mulberry and violet in order to achieve an impeccable hue.

Once the paint is dry and only when it’s dry, my dear friend. Then you can have your wonderful new sofa delivered to your door.

These amazing purple colored shower curtains are not just a mass of color. Careful dyeing and screening are used to produce high quality colors.

When the dignitaries visit your home, you want to impress them. Bring out the finest china and silverware and treat yourself! This beautifies even the most humble kitchen – making it suddenly seem much more expensive.

It may be hard at first to see how colors like purple (or red or yellow) can be made to appear better this way, but try it and you’ll soon see that they indeed pop with drama.


Tips Purple Living Room ideas Decorating

Need an example of purple done right? Check this out. There are white accents added to some of the items but otherwise, the whole space is purple from top to bottom, including accessories.

An important thing you should pay attention to when you’re thinking of attempting this approach is that it isn’t easy as it appears.

Three different shades of purple are used in this living room. The floor coloring is a color match to the purple wall paint and wallpaper. The ottoman is the same purple living room, along with its matching lamp shade and rug.

The final furniture piece the light-colored couch/coffee table with matching pillows, is also made in the same shade of purple. Using more than three shades of ideas in one room will make it look disorganized and visually confusing.

The decorator made an important decision in the color scheme by duplicating this effect. By adding oranges, pinks, and purples it truly pulled this room together.

A different color scheme would be okay too if you used one color for all of the woodwork in the room. You could choose silver, gold or any other color to make a top-notch final product.

Would a mirror on that wall look good? That depends. Is your room all silver already? While silver and mirrors can look gorgeous together, they might be too much, consistency matters in design!

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