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Under Stair Storage ideas

Under Stair Storage ideas – If you need storage space, don’t use your mind. I’ve just one word: stairs. Don’t build a room, renovate the steps. Subterranean space needn’t shrink curiosity or dreams, but would that it were so! The key to this is lighting, something electrical and bold. And make sure not to suffocate those steps with tile walls or treads before you tackle them twice.

There are many ideas for uses of under-stair space. A good one is to install a wardrobe. It’s perfect for storing some seasonal clothing (e.g. sundresses for the summer) and also useful accessories such as hat, mittens, and gloves.

Do you want your staircase to have a place for books and other belongings? Shelves or cabinets with doors contribute to cleaner aesthetics, while benches or chairs on small tables are more inviting.

If you have a lot of books, you surely need a space where they can be stored and organized beautifully. Staircases are undoubtedly attractive additions to any rooms, but if you add functional storage, this is an amazing “small” piece that will the focus of conversations in itself.

Have a look at our new gallery of products and ideas for your stairs. Let your mind run wild with creative ways to use them. For example, keep shoes in that box; don’t just shove them in the closet floor. Also store cleaning supplies on your first bottom stair for neatness. And if you need extra storage that will blow your mind, put an entire bicycle above or below your steps!



Easy DIY Project Design

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If you need to stop clutter, under stair storage is the answer. If you really value your floor space, you can even convert an empty corner of a staircase into unique storage! You can also hire a local company to install this feature, because “under stair storage” is a standard type in modern architecture. There are many options to consider when it comes to shopping for office or home accessories: Do I want something original that looks like furniture, or simply effective racks? Placing under stairs made from.

If you’re an architecture fan, you are going to love these under-the-staircase storage ideas. Under-the-staircase storage is cupboards for your stairs. It gives several feet of storage space that are perfect for below staircases. You may be wondering why would people want this? The truth is that it is a great way to add extra storage to your house without any hassle or space lost.

To minimize floor space but actually increase storage, Â under stair storage solutions are a great choice. If you are considering adding extra storage to your home or office, you would be smart to use under stairs units, which is really just part of the original plan. This means that you do not have an obstacle in your house or office, and you can continue your style seamlessly.


Space Under your Staircase ideas

Space under your staircase is obviously very limited. But many homeowners have figured out how to use this space and how to make it look attractive! Even if you have large stairs, adding chairs underneath can help furnish empty spaces, making your home feel larger and more organized.

Building under-stair storage is a solution for all homes. Its dual purpose of adding visual appeal and usable square footage appeals to everyone: design-oriented homeowners, developers looking for extra investment return, and regular families that will use this valuable space.

However, you also have to consider that some homes are not equipped with staircases. You can’t just leave a space empty under the stairs.

So how does one go about installing staircase storage in such homes? In older houses, there is no option but to install your own DIY staircase with storage. But in newer houses, however, staircase design can be done from the beginning to include storage.


Step by step Building Under Stair Storage ideas

1. The first steps to building your drawers are as simple as counting the drawers you want and giving them a purpose. For my custom drawer unit, I wanted one wide enough for shoes and another just high enough for folded clothes. Remember that your drawer runners have to be able to handle the weight or they could break with your deep drawers.


2. To build this project, first cut a hole in the material you’ve selected and take out the drawers from the chest of drawers. In any DIY project, it is important to be aware that you could potentially be chopping out electrical wires or pipes hiding behind objects; just make sure there aren’t any lurking in anticipation to bite your hand off as you work on a Saturday afternoon.


3. To start carving out the cut-out for the vanities, create a hole large enough to get your jigsaw blade into. It’s important to take your time and remove just enough drywall until you’re creating a path that allows you to form as straight a line as possible. To ensure the edges of your sink bases are embedded tightly within the Vanities, make sure you build this cutout right up against the wall; don’t leave any holes where they can


4. I think it’s cool when furniture is made from scraps. Something about that just feels fair. It gives you a little extra value for your money, the right size, and makes a nice tribute to the original material. Toil & Trouble cabinets are made like this too. The doors of the cabinets are a lovely off cut from their beautiful pieces of furniture and utensils (that you can purchase here).
5. I think one of the most important aspects of this project is where the runners will sit. A well-framed seat, for example, enables smooth sliding in and out of a drawer. It’s essential to measure the sides and front of the frame perfectly square to ensure a snug fit for the footstool box runner.


6. Once the frame for the runners is complete you can begin to build the drawer itself. This should be quite straight forward and can be anything you like. For the shoe drawer I include one shelf and made sure there was a back panel to prevent shoes falling out.


After you ensure the drawer has a square shape, check whether its dimensions are exactly identical from both the front and the back. Any minor discrepancy here will make it hard for the drawer to smoothly slide in and out of place.


7. When you have a drawer with a lot of weight to it, resist the urge to buy a poorly made product. I got a soft-close drawer runner and had to check if it was top notch when it comes to load capacity. Also, make sure the extended length is adequate.


8. I fitted the runners to the frame first, then slid the drawer onto the runner and screwed in the from the side. It required a little bit of fine adjustment to get it all lined up correctly but the runners have elongated screw fixing points for exactly this purpose.


Under Stair Storage Closets

Make your stairs more functional and convenient by putting a central door on the landing cupboard. When you open the door, it might lead into a wide-open space perfect for storing larger items such as coats, bags, heavy shoes, or garden tools; or use part of the space for under stair storage of less frequently used items such as mittens and candles.


Sideboard Under Stair Storage ideas

A lot of under-stair storage is fitted and often resembles a cupboard with no surface area to decorate. If you can squeeze in a free-standing piece, like the Ikea Hemnes sideboard/shoe cabinet, it’s perfect, as it gives you a place to sit that’s totally unstained by given structure. The Ikea listing boasts 30cm depth (that’s just wide enough for five pairs of shoes), making it an attractive option for spaces where wall space.


Book Case Under Stair Storage Design

If you’re a handy do it yourself er, you can bring a little sophistication to your basement by using the space over and under the stairs that don’t lead anywhere else.

Fit some modular shelves that match what you have with wood work down there (there’s plaster molding so this wouldn’t be too difficult), and stock up on classics or perhaps just some recently released bestsellers add a few club chairs or even pull out couches and surprise your family when they come down.

Pantry Storage

It’s an elegant and economical idea for your kitchen to build a staircase in the space between floor tiles, which basically amounts to the nooks beneath your stairs. If you have narrow ceilings like many urban apartments do, this puts five square meters of fresh storage into play. And if your stairs are extra steeply raised against the wall itself, stack all sorts of objects on the little steps underneath it.

Let’s say your kitchen is close to the stairs. How do you handle it? You need to create a clever cooking space with shelves and storage space. Where can you place this useful design? Under the stairs! For example, what if there was a pull-out design that also had stackable storage containers?

You could put all of your condiments and spices under there (and more stuff!) A walk-in under the stairs design is also genius. It has storage for additional appliances

Study Nook

One of the most popular ways to use that awful space under your stairs is by turning it into a study nook. It’s a great way to save money, especially if you already have the lumber lying around or if you are particularly handy.

Few home plans incorporate such an element, but we recommend that design no matter what your style and budget. Studies show that this is such a great way to work from home while still staying balanced among friends and family.

Indoor Workshop

Some people do not have enough space for an outdoor workshop. But this article does. In fact, it uses indoor furniture to take up the slack. This solution is perfect because it helps shoppers use valuable unused square footage in a space that otherwise serves no purpose.


Our Old Tips Under Stair Storage

Loved my old sofa, but it wouldn’t fit – what can I do? After a quick phone call to the carpenter, he came by in the evening. It was time to say goodbye to the storage under our stairs and good riddance to our ugly old sofa that stood in the way. Our hero sawed it into two pieces and then with a little brute force, we were finally able to pull out the refitted new one through the doorway!

With a renovation that took over the living spaces in my house, I sat on the comfortable new sofa and thought, “What could I do with this huge hallway?”


Shelving Units And Storage Design

The most popular way to use the space under the staircase is storage units – drawers of any kind or shelves, niches with a flower vase or all of them together. Store everything there you want – books, photos, wine bottles and TV, also plants in pots. Choose your favourite combination of storage units and ROCK it under the stairs.

The most common way to build into the space under the stairs is storage units of any kind. You can put open shelves, drawers that are hidden or even full-sized cabinets down there. You might also want to add a TV to your area and use it to decorate for holidays or special events (think live Christmas trees in December). For extra fun, create a small display of some sort that can be changed when you get bored with what’s inside!

Installing a flat-screen TV on the wall of your living room does more than just make it look impressive. You can put other media devices there as well, such as the sound system, a game console, and DVD players.

Display shelves can provide an efficient way to store these devices without taking up too much space. Or you can show off your collection through the use of clear glass display cases or floating wooden shelves . In this context, a built-in fireplace or fish tank is perfect.



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